Our Locations
We are based in two beautiful cities:
Southport, NC and Tampa, Fl. We
investigate throughout both states,
but specialize in these neighboring
cities: Tampa/St. Petersburg, Fl,
Oak Island, NC, St. James, NC,
Caswell Beach, NC, Myrtle Beach,

Though we are based in specific
states, our teams are able to travel
to other states and locations when
Investigative Techniques
Ghost Dog Paranormal (GDP) is a research
based investigative group that prides it's self
on in-depth scientific investigative
procedures, research based testing and data
collection, and privacy assurance on all data

Research/Investigations are conducted with
the residents/workers in mind.  All
investigative procedures are done in a
non-agressive way to ensure that the
returning residents/workforce do not
encounter a hostile environment.  It is
important to help you with your paranormal
issues, not make them worse.
We want to assist you in your
paranormal needs.  Whether it be
research, proof of possible hauntings,
and/or education, we are here to help
you.  Many groups are only into the
"fun" side of paranormal research
and lack the skills needed for proper
investigations.  It is our job to give
you  peace of mind and the
knowledge to help you further your
understanding of the world around
Ghost Dog Paranormal
Research and Investigations
Our Purpose
We are proud members of the Paranormal
Resource Alliance (PRA)!

A group of domestic and international
researchers and investigators helping to
promote honest and ethical paranormal
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Ghost Dog Paranormal